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End to End Analytics Consulting

Empowering data-driven insights

Data Architecture Designing a system that is cost efficient, scalable, and robust enough to handle all possible data sources only comes with experience. Let us handle your back-end architecture so you can stay focused on growing over time.

Data Engineering Automated data piplines and ETL (extract, transform, load) ensure you have the latest data available with 24/7 reliability. We’ll work with you to determine the right level of granularity and latency to run your business.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Simplified dashboarding enables everyone in your organization, from executives to analysts, to make data-driven decisions. You’ll have one source of truth with clear KPIs and metrics for leaders and department specific breakdowns.

Designing Solutions

with our favorite platforms

Cloud Computing

Easy to use, cost-efficient, secure, and scalable.

Reporting and Analytics

Build informative dashboards with aesthetics in mind.

Site Analytics

Understand site traffic with user-level granularity.

Data Handling

Interact with web services (via REST APIs) effectively.

Enterprise CRM

Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and Operations all-in-one.

Workflow Automation

Connect apps together via no-code automated workflows.

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