OneShot Projects

Do you have a smaller, one-off data project that you're struggling with?

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What is a OneShot Project?

A OneShot Project is meant to be a quick, finite project where we can come in, quickly assess your needs, implement a solution, and provide training if necessary. We'll do all of this within a few weeks, from start to finish. Have you ever wished your weekly data formatting responsibilities were automated (and error-proof)? Or maybe you've wished your Facebook Insights data was connected to your dashboards but only found overly complex and extremely costly connectors? Those are OneShot Projects - see additional examples of what we can do below.

Previous Projects

Lead Gen Campaign Analysis

A B2B financial organization needed help understanding how various lead-gen campaigns were performing on LinkedIn. A dashboard was created with Power BI to showcase ad-level granularity with clear indicators for over and underperformance. Recommendations lead to a 40% decrease in CPL.

Data Architecture Consulting

A marketing firm needed help gathering requirements and writing the technical documentation needed for an internal architecture redesign. A comprehensive Solution Design document was written which factored their current tech stack and expertise with clear steps for execution.

Getting Data via an API

An e-commerce company wanted their marketing spend data across multiple platforms piped into their data warehouse. A solution was designed to leverage the reporting platform's API and implemented with python and AWS to automate the process and enable end-user reporting for executives.

Resolving Data Inconsistencies

A smaller startup organization needed help finding data inconsistencies in its daily revenue dashboard. OneShot Data quickly found the issue in a dimension table, providing steps to immediately resolve the inconsistency as well as training on how to troubleshoot any future issues.

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